1. Hunting At Altitude | Tips For Hunting At Altitude | West Canyon Ranch

    Hunting at Altitude: How to Get into Shape for Your Next Hunt

    Many new hunters ask us, “Is hunting physically demanding?” The simple answer is yes, especially high-altitude hunting. Hunting is supposed to be challenging. That’s part of the fun. But, it doesn’t need to be so draining that you’re beaten before the end of the first day. You can reduce t…Read More

  2. How to Access Private Land for Hunting | West Canyon Ranch

    How to Access Private Land for Hunting

    Hunting on public land is fantastic, but every hunter should also experience the unique joy of hunting on private land. Hunters who try both know they provide distinctly different experiences. This guide explains how private land hunting differs from public land hunting and offers several ways to ac…Read More

  3. Alpha Elk | West Canyon Ranch

    Elk Hunting vs. Free-Range Elk Hunting in Utah

    Utah elk hunting season is unlike any other. Once you've spent time hunting elk in the Beehive State, you understand its appeal. Whether you’re participating in a guided elk hunt or a free-range elk hunt, every experience is memorable. From the open wilderness to the Wasatch Mountains, Utah is the…Read More

  4. Private Hunting Perfected: Welcome to West Canyon Ranch

    Welcome to West Canyon Ranch. Nestled between the Northern Wasatch Mountains, West Canyon Ranch is a world of its own. Two streams wander the ranch year-round, connecting over a dozen ponds and springs. With snowcapped mountaintops, self-sufficient wildlife, and untouched trails, the landscape pract…Read More