Utah is home to some of the best big game hunting in the world. With its natural species, beautiful mountain ranges, and endless terrain, it is no surprise why even the most famous of elk hunters flock to the state any chance they get.

From Chris Pratt to Joe Rogan to Luke Bryan, you can find these celebrities visiting Utah for more than just the Sundance Film Festival and the world-famous ski resorts. They love the Utah elk hunting season just like the rest of us.

Pratt regularly documents his elk hunting trips on his social media platforms, and Rogan talks about the sport on his podcast. There are also other celebrities not afraid to share their love of the hunt. There might even be a few celebrities you wouldn’t expect on the list.

It is always fun to see your favorite artists, actors, musicians, and others getting down in the dirt. So, the West Canyon Ranch team rounded up our favorite Utah elk hunting content featuring some big-name celebs. Check it out.


Celebrities Adore Utah Elk Hunting


Joe Rogan and Cameron Hanes Hunt in Utah

Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan Hunting in Utah | West Canyon RanchExperience Utah elk hunting alongside Joe Rogan and Cameron Hanes. The two travel the mountains of Utah for one of the most notable Ridge Reaper films to date. You can hear and see a group of elk as they make calls while Rogan and Hanes stalk nearby with their bows in-hand.

Rogan later recalls the experience on his podcast, remembering, There is nothing like it. It’s the real wild… They are there to do what they’ve been doing for thousands of years. It’s so simple.

Hanes cuts in, saying, “It’s so simple. Life is so simple.

Rogan remarks, “But it’s not so simple.

Well, you either kill a bull, or you don’t,” Hanes says as he laughs.

The ten-minute video depicts a typical Utah elk hunting experience. From the Utah wilderness to the unforgettable prey, the elk hunting video has it all. It also offers a realistic depiction of Utah elk hunting with hours of hiking, challenging weather conditions, and exhaustion. It is, by far, one of our favorite videos on the internet.  

And our favorite interaction is when Cameron Hanes asks Joe Rogan how his first-day elk hunting in Utah went, and Rogan says, “Amazing, epic, ridiculous.”

Then, Hanes asks him to sum it into one word, and Rogan then explains that it is “Paradise. It is the greatest spot on Earth. Forget about Disneyland… this has to be the best place on Earth for bowhunters.”


Cam Hanes Hunts Elk in Utah

Cam Hanes Elk Hunting in Utah | West Canyon RanchAnother one of our favorite Utah elk hunting videos features Cam Hanes again. The Ridge Reaper Films series on the Under Armour Hunt channel has a great selection of hunting videos. This one features Hanes time in Northern Utah after an extreme winter kill in 2018 left the mule deer population in a tough spot.

The video includes Hanes searching and finding a mature buck across tens of thousands of open sage and steep terrain acres. The challenges force Hanes into a non-stop debate between hunkering down and glassing defined areas or running and gunning to try and cross paths.

Watch to see if he scores a successful shot on one of the last remaining deer and trailing bucks.


Chad Fraughton on an Epic Utah Elk Hunt

Chad Fraughton Hunting in Utah | West Canyon RanchOne of the perks of the video is the in-depth description of the rifles used on the elk hunt. What can you expect from the Gunwerks channel? But more than that is the great commentary offered throughout the film. Not only does it offer more context, but it helps you understand what was going through Fraughton’s mind while looking for trophy bulls.

The 20+ minutes you watch as Fraughton and the rest of the group look for the perfect shot isn’t a minute wasted. Every time anyone shoots, there is also a breakdown of the statistics involved. All in all, the video is a great, in-depth depiction of what to expect when Utah big game hunting. 



Chris Pratt LOVES To Hunt In Utah

Chris Pratt Hunting in Utah | West Canyon RanchActor Chris Pratt is a massive supporter of all things hunting, which isn’t something we expect out of the Hollywood scene. Fortunately, Pratt isn’t scared of proclaiming his love of elk hunting or Utah.

In an Outdoor Life interview, the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star outrightly declares that his favorite spot is in Utah, remarking, “I have a secret spot in Utah that is my favorite place to hunt. It borders a CWMU to the north and a county that prohibits hunting to the south. It is protected, private, beautiful, and abundant. Each year I get a combo bull-and-buck tag there and usually fill it.”

Pratt goes on to talk about his hunting buddies, how he finds time with his busy schedule, and more. You can also follow Pratt on his Instagram for more content of his hunting trips, like this hilarious video he made during a recent trip to Utah.

Luke Bryan with Buck Commander on Utah Elk Hunt

Luke Bryan Hunting in Utah | West Canyon RanchThe Buck Commander trio is a staple for many hunters when watching YouTube. One of our favorite episodes features two of our favorite things—Utah elk hunting and Luke Bryan. Not only does the group make you laugh, but they also show you what makes Utah the perfect place for big game hunting.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.


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