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After booking a guided elk hunt on a private hunting ranch, you might think you finished your work up until the day you leave. However, there are a few things you will need to do in preparation for your elk hunt, including packing the right gear. Getting your hunting gear together can take some time, too. Whether you already have a go-to hunting pack or are putting one together from scratch, you must have all you need ready to go long before you set out on your hunt.

If you have been on a multi-day hunting trip, you understand the difficulties. Elk is an elusive species. They aren’t easy to spot and are even harder to hunt. If you come across a trophy bull, they will probably respond by pushing deeper into the terrain. This spot and run movement will take a toll on your body in ways you need to train for, or you will have a hard time under the pressure. While this makes elk hunting super challenging, it is also why elk is one of the most prized animals in the sport.

As you may know, the challenges of elk hunting are incredibly technical, mental, and physical. Fortunately, you can minimize these challenges by packing the appropriate gear for your guided trip ahead of time. Along with your weapon of choice, ammunition, cooking gear, clothing, and personal items, you will also need a day pack that you can pull for short-term excursions further away from your base camp.

Don’t be the person who pulls up to the site and realizes you are missing many key items that can make or break your hunting experience. Some of these are big-ticket items like your rifle or bow. Other times, you won’t notice you are missing an item until after the hunt begins. You could reach for your bag and notice you are missing binoculars. Luckily, you won’t need every single item every time you go on a hunt. Actually, some hunters have the skills needed to skate by or can borrow equipment to make it through the hunt successfully. But, as every elk hunter knows, having the right gear in your pack can make or break your hunt.

Whether you are a seasoned elk hunter or just beginning, having a gear checklist is essential. The team at West Canyon Ranch has put together a list of items you should pack for your guided elk hunt. You can also work with our customer service team for a detailed review of what items the Ranch provides and those you will need to bring.

Get the process started by looking at what you will need to pack to make your elk hunt the best experience possible.