Fishing is one of the best activities you can enjoy while visiting West Canyon Ranch. There are fishing spots nearby, including the Little Bear River. This local spot is one of the best places to fish, especially during the fall. It provides excellent fishing for both fly fishers and spin-cast fishers. Little Bear River is 36.4 miles long, rising in the mountains east of Brigham City, where three forks join at Avon and flow north to Paradise, Utah. All in all, Little Bear River provides good to excellent fishing for Browns, Cutts, Bows, and Whitefish.

Another spot you can fish near West Canyon Ranch is the Logan River. The Logan River region is an incredibly diverse fishery, including brook, brown, cutthroat, rainbow trout, and the occasional whitefish. You can either fish in the Logan’s “urban” section or from the Cutler Reservoir, which includes a three-dam configuration. This area provides a more unique fly-fishing experience than the blue-ribbon waters from the third dam to the Idaho border.

Another portion of the river that is accessible to local fishers includes the lower Logan River, which has large populations of rainbow and brown trout. Above the impoundments in the river is primarily a wild trout stream. Browns and cutthroats both reproduce well in its crystal-clear waters. Cutthroats are dominant in the higher reaches.

If you are going to fish in Utah, you should also know the regulations. Regular Utah trout and whitefish regulations are in effect from Card Canyon Bridge downstream to Cutler Marsh, including all three impoundments: The trout limit in this region of Utah is four fish.

Fishing from Card Canyon Bridge upstream to the bridge at Red Banks Campground, including all tributary streams in between, is limited to two. You must also only fish using artificial flies and lures.

Another section of fishing nearby includes the area from the highway bridge at Red Banks upstream to the Idaho state line is only open during certain months. It is closed from January 1 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of July. You can only fish trout and whitefish (in aggregate) with a limit of two.

If you want to stay closer to home, you can also choose to fish in West Canyon Ranch’s small stream. This little stream holds mostly browns and rainbow trout but is still a fun spot for quick fishing. Another option is fishing in the private pond at West Canyon Ranch. This option is excellent for fishers of all ages. Contact West Canyon Ranch to get started.

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