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Going on a guided hunt with a top-rated outfitter is an experience every hunter should have once in their lifetime. Of course, if you have been in the hunting game long enough, you know that an elk hunting outfitter comes with a hefty price tag. However, ask any seasoned hunter who has worked with an elk hunting outfitter, and you’ll understand the hype.

Not only do elk hunting outfitters provide all the necessities for a successful hunt, but they even guarantee a shot at bagging one of these magnificent beasts. If you work with an experienced outfitter, you’ll get the best bang for your buck. Unfortunately, not every hunting outfitter is the same.

It’s crucial that as you look for your guided elk hunt, you understand what distinguishes one elk hunting outfitter from the next.

There are a variety of factors that play a role in the elk hunting outfitter business. For example, a guided elk hunt is only worthwhile if the outfitter knows what they are doing. While there is always potential for failure when elk hunting, an outfitter should do all they can to give you a top-of-the-line experience.

Here is a list of everything you should look for in your Utah elk hunting outfitter to ensure your guided hunt is worth the time, money, and hard work you put into it.

4 Things to Consider When Looking for an Elk Hunting Outfitter


1. Look for Value

One of the biggest reasons why elk hunters don’t go on guided trips more often is the cost. If you are fortunate enough to experience a guided elk hunt, then you should look for the outfitter that offers the best value. Consider your budget, but don’t make the decision on which elk hunting outfitter to work with based solely on their price.

Look at how much each outfitter costs, along with everything included in the price. Here are a few things your guided elk hunting trip outfitter could include in their price:

  • All necessary tags
  • Group transportation
  • Food and beverages
  • Field Dress
  • Lodging
  • Guaranteed shot opportunity
  • Access to a range of trophy bulls
  • A variety of weapons, including archery, crossbows, pistols, and muzzleloaders
  • Different types of hunting, including spot-and-stalk, hunting from a jeep, calling, or using provided ground blinds

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2. Check Their Guided Elk Hunting Experience

While most elk hunting outfitter will boast of their experience, it is up to you to find out whether that experience is mostly good or bad. Every elk hunter has their fair share of good and bad hunts. What sets a guided elk hunting trip outfitter apart from the rest is their ability to provide hunters with once-in-a-lifetime hunts. Experience in the industry is the first way you can know that an outfitter is worth their price.

If an outfitter is more expensive than others in the area, ask them upfront what makes them better than their competition. Ask them questions focused on the quality and experience of their guides. How long have they been in business? How well do they know their land? How successful is their guided elk hunting company in getting their customers a shot opportunity?

You should also ask questions that help you better understand how the outfitter will handle your trip. What are the lodging conditions? What kind of meals do they provide? Only asking about the number of trophy bulls managed by the outfitter and success percentages, will only give you half of the view. Make sure you know what the entire experience is like working with every elk hunting outfitter before booking.

3. Consider the Outfitter Location

Just like in real estate, the most crucial part of any hunt depends on one thing— location, location, location. While you might have narrowed down your search to Utah, there is a range of areas in the state that offer guided elk hunts. Do your research and decide which location matches what you expect in a Utah elk hunt.

Utah offers a range of promising elk hunting locations. Many hunters even say that Utah has the best elk hunting in the country. However, narrowing down which specific area you’ll hunt in is an essential piece of the puzzle. If you’re looking for a real Wasatch Mountain elk hunt, there are only a select number of areas with guided elk hunts availability.

Decide where the best location is for the type of hunt you want. Then, you can work from there.

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4. Read Online Reviews

There are plenty of Utah elk hunting outfitters to choose from, making it hard for any hunter to make a final decision. No matter what an elk hunting outfitter boasts online or over-the-phone, you can’t take their word for it. Take time to read their online reviews and check references. However, do so with a grain of salt.

As you do your research, also remember that not every client who had a successful experience will take the time to write an online review, but almost every bad reviewer will. That’s why you must take careful notice of repeated phrases and customers with similar experiences. If you can reveal a pattern of good experiences and customers who highly praise certain outfitters, chances are those guides are your best bet.

Luckily, most elk hunters are honest and reasonable folk. If you speak with a reference over the phone, ask them to be open and honest. Finally, trust your gut and believe them if you think they are telling the truth.

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All in all, finding the right Utah elk hunting outfitter might be a bit of work. Take your time and try not to rush the process. With some time and patience, you will find the right elk hunting outfitter for your upcoming guided trip.

Make the Most Out of a Guided Elk Hunt with West Canyon Ranch

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