Elk hunting is a sport like none other. You spend hours in the wilderness chasing bulls, using your instincts and years of experience as your guide. However, it can take loads of planning, plenty of hard work, some money, and years of hunting trips before you reap any reward. Any seasoned elk hunter will explain that this is the beauty of the sport! They’ll also tell you that experiencing an elk hunt on a private hunting ranch is a rare opportunity that you should take advantage of whenever you can. The accommodations of a private hunting ranch alone will make your head spin.

What is included in a private hunting trip?

There aren’t many private hunting ranches that boast accommodations and amenities that make the cost worthwhile, especially one close to home. In fact, searching for “guaranteed elk hunting near me” could leave you empty-handed. But West Canyon Ranch offers accommodations for out-of-state hunters that will make your journey to Utah easier and more relaxing than ever before.

Top 5 Reasons People Choose Guided Elk Hunts

Here’s what you should know before you book a trip for Utah private hunting at West Canyon Ranch:

Five-Star Accommodations for Out-of-Towners

Along with amenities that exceed any hunter’s expectations, you can also rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of by our staff. Our team will also work with you, outlining a contract that includes a full outline of what to expect during your stay at our Utah private hunting ranch. Besides these personalized details, let’s look at a few of the accommodations designed specifically for out-of-state visitors.

Airport Transportation To Our Private Hunting Ranch

When you book a visit to West Canyon Ranch, you will receive free transportation to and from Salt Lake City International Airport and the Logan Cache Airport. Our Utah private hunting ranch will provide these transportation services so that your hunting experience is completely hassle-free. All of these fees, along with lodging and meals, are included in the pre-determined contract before your visit.

Relax in our comfortable cabins | West Canyon RanchPrivate Five-Star Hunting Lodging

Lodging at West Canyon Ranch includes some of the most luxurious options available. Our team will work with you during your booking process to decide where you’ll stay on the private hunting ranch. You will either stay in Donny’s Cabin, the West Canyon Cabin, or in tents set-up along your hunting route. Wherever you stay within the ranch, you’ll feel right at home. Our team will pay close attention to every detail of your hunting trip in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Personal Chef Cooking

During your booking process, you will also meet with our private chef to customize a menu that meets your entire party’s needs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks are all included throughout your stay. The West Canyon private chef and dining staff will work tirelessly preparing every meal with carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients.

If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, you can work closely with our private chef and their team to personalize cuisine that is up to par. Our team ensures that you receive a five-star culinary experience throughout your stay at our private hunting ranch in Utah.

Guided hunting cost | West Canyon RanchDining Accommodations at Guided Elk Hunting Ranch

Game Meat Shipment

West Canyon Ranch also takes care of any animal that you shoot. Our team will field dress the animal and put the meat, cape and antlers in our walk-in coolers until your departure.  From there, we offer a cut and wrap service where we process the meat and blast freeze. 

We will work with you and a local taxidermy service if you wish to preserve your game. 

Personalize Your Stay at West Canyon Ranch Today

West Canyon Ranch is the private hunting ranch you can count on to make your experience once-in-a-lifetime. You can book a guaranteed elk hunt, as well as hunting bison, turkey, and wingshooting trips. Our Ranch has an abundance of natural resources and tremendous views that you can enjoy during your full-scale private hunting visit, half-day, or full-day hunting excursions.

If you are interested in booking an elk hunting trip to our Utah private ranch, contact West Canyon Ranch today. You can also learn more about our accommodations by visiting our website. We look forward to seeing you out on the Ranch.