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While learning the detailed skill of turkey hunting, watching hunting videos can be invaluable. You’ll see hunters calling turkeys, showing you where to set up in the best spots, and demonstrating their hunting equipment. In these videos, you’ll find every hunting circumstance, from archery to shotgun shots.

Hunting videos can demonstrate the best spots to kill a turkey, showing you the importance of placement when hitting a bird. There’s much to learn from watching these drop shot videos. So watch, learn, and prepare for your next big turkey hunting trip in Utah.

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Insane Turkey Archery Shot by Josh Bowmar

After calling him in, Josh Bowmar demonstrates impressive accuracy with this shot on a huge tom.

Check out this incredible drop shot in this YouTube Shorts video.

The Best Place to Shoot a Turkey

In this compilation video, Canada in the Rough demonstrates where to shoot big toms for the fastest and most ethical kills. You’ll see the compound bow, crossbow, and shotgun shots, making it a great beginner’s guide for turkey hunting.

Jump to 3:20 for the drop shot.

Nabbing Two Turkeys in One Hunting Trip

In this video, the DayBreak Outdoors crew nabs an old tom in a clearing, capping off a great hunt. They bag another old tom a few days later after getting him to roost.

Jump to 6:10 for the drop shot.

The Ultimate Slow Motion Turkey Drop Shot

Josh Bowmar is back at it again with some slow-mo turkey shots. In this Shorts video, he demonstrates the perfect placement for dropping that beautiful tom.

Check out the placement in this YouTube Shorts clip.

Fastest Ever Turkey Drop Shot

Nothing beats accuracy and using one shot to drop a bird. You’ll see the importance of placement in this YouTube Shorts video by RespectTheGameTV.

Check out the drop shot in this YouTube Shorts clip.

Utah Turkey Hunting FAQs

What shotgun do I need for turkey hunting?

You’ll want to use a shotgun if you’re not bow hunting. The best shotgun will depend on your personal choice. Many variations of turkey hunting shotguns have shorter barrels, making them easier to carry and more maneuverable in tight cover; many hunters like 12- or 20-gauge pump-action shotguns. While 12-gauges are the most popular, recent shotshell advancements mean that a growing crowd of hunters favors smaller bores. Smaller hunters, like women and youth, might prefer a smaller gun with less recoil, like a 20-gauge.

When is turkey hunting season?

Regarding turkey hunting season in Utah, there are several important dates to remember. Generally speaking, there is a youth hunt and a general season hunt at the end of April each year. The fall hunt runs from October through February. In 2024, the youth hunt is April 26–28, and the general season hunt is April 29–May 31. The fall 2024 hunt runs from October 2 to February 28. Utah is an excellent state for hunting turkeys, with prime locations across the state. If you’re hunting alone and not using a guide like West Canyon Ranch, you’ll want to ensure you’re hunting on public land. If you’re interested in hunting on private land, you must obtain written permission from the landowners.

How do I call in a turkey?

Turkeys make several calls you can mimic to lure in a big tom. You’ll want to learn how to make multiple turkey calls, such as slate, box, friction, mouth, and tube calls. We recommend listening to turkeys in the wild or online to learn the best way to call a bird. One of the most common sounds to begin mimicking is the yelp. It’s the most common call hunters make and is often heard in the spring. Learning the yelp can be an easy, effective way to call a turkey in for a kill.

What is the best gear to wear for Utah turkey hunting?

Turkeys have incredible eyesight and can often see a hunter coming from yards away. Many seasoned hunters will recommend wearing camouflage from head to toe. Something simple, like basic brand patterns incorporating local texture, will do. Some hunters wear balaclavas to cover their faces and be more protective. You’ll want a jacket, matching pants, and heavy-duty boots to keep you warm. We also recommend packs that serve as multi-purpose tools that you can use for a vest, seat, and a way to haul your gear.

Can I use decoys while hunting turkeys?

According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, you cannot use a robotic or live decoy to hunt turkeys. The only exception to this rule is during the fall season if you have a permit. In addition, a person may not use night vision devices, drones, recorded turkey calls or sounds, or electronically amplified imitations of turkey calls. You’re also forbidden from using bait in any form. You can find more Utah turkey hunting rules and regulations on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.

What is the best time of day to hunt turkeys?

The best times of the day to hunt turkeys are in the morning and the late afternoon. Many hunters find that turkeys are the most vocal in the morning and prefer to do their hunting during this time. In the morning, turkeys are also less alert and more active, which gives you a prime opportunity to bag a beautiful bird.