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Welcome to West Canyon Ranch. Nestled between the Northern Wasatch Mountains, West Canyon Ranch is a world of its own. Two streams wander the ranch year-round, connecting over a dozen ponds and springs. With snowcapped mountaintops, self-sufficient wildlife, and untouched trails, the landscape practically belongs in a movie scene.

Stretching 4,000 acres, West Canyon Ranch is filled with wildlife of all species and sizes. From bison, to elk, to turkeys, the ranch has nearly everything you could imagine. Grass fields and meadows are met with trees and forests. Not only does the varied landscape make for excellent hunting, it’s perfect for horseback riding and fishing as well.

West Canyon Ranch dates back to the early 1900’s when it was managed by the Peterson family. The environmental stewardship they practiced as they raised cattle through the 20th century has kept the land untamed through the years. Today, the ranch is managed by the Summers family and has shifted towards guided wildlife hunting of all types.

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The Experience

West Canyon Ranch is a high fence ranch, which means they issue their own permits from the state of Utah. A high fence ranch provides a quality hunt with good inventory since the wildlife herds have managed genetics and can reach a mature age.

How is the hunting experience at West Canyon? Owner Nick Summers describes it as “seamless”. No matter your game of choice, West Canyon ranch provides an all-inclusive experience — you just need to bring your gear. Not only does the experience include all required licenses, and field dressing, it includes exquisite high-class meals from a private chef, lodging, and private guide services. “West Canyon Ranch is a first-class experience from start to finish,” says Summers. It’s easy to see why.

A large part of what makes West Canyon Ranch different is its exclusivity. Two or more people hunting in a party guarantees the entire ranch to themselves: over 4,000 acres of perfect hunting just for you and your guests. While the hunting doesn’t yet include meat processing services or taxidermy, West Canyon Ranch has preferred vendors they recommend to each client. Read the full article to understand the cost of guided hunting.

The options for hunters are numerous to say the least. Hunters have options for archery, muzzleloader, crossbow, pistol and rifle hunts for their animals of choice. West Canyon Ranch can put your spot and stalk skills to the test, drive you to the hunt in a Jeep Rubicon, or even put you in a convenient hunting blind.

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The Wildlife

Hundreds of elk, bison, turkeys, and other animals roam freely throughout the ranch. When it comes to elk hunts, clients have their choice of trophy bulls, cow elk, ranch bulls, or management bulls available from mid-August to December 1st. Hunts for bison are available from mid-August to December 1st. Turkey hunts are available from April-May and October-December. All hunts have a 100% guaranteed shot opportunity.

The Accommodations

Last year, West Canyon Ranch completed construction on the West Canyon Cabin, making the experience even more exclusive to its clients. Designed with comfort in mind, the cabins at West Canyon have private bathrooms for each bedroom, zero gravity adjustable beds, and endless views of the breathtaking ranch. Not only has West Canyon Ranch built new lodging for their clients, they have plans to build a meat processing center on the property for an even more all-inclusive experience.

Hunting isn’t the only thing to do at West Canyon Ranch. Options for horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, and hiking are popular during the summertime. There’s plenty to explore throughout the ranch.

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The West Canyon Ranch Difference

According to Nick Summers, the best part of the experience for clients is the privacy that West Canyon offers. The ranch is conveniently located 20 minutes away from Logan, Utah, but is completely secluded from the busy world around it. From the moment you enter the ranch to the moment you leave, it’s easy to feel the solitude and privacy of West Canyon Ranch. The private hunting at West Canyon isn’t just good, “it’s private hunting perfected.”

Clients come from all around the country, even the world, to enjoy the first-class experience at West Canyon Ranch. From Mexico to China, hunters and lovers of the outdoors everywhere are discovering that Northern Utah is a premier destination for everyone.

Summers says that while clients may come to West Canyon Ranch as strangers, “people leave as friends.” Not only is the ranch a great place to experience a private hunt, it’s a place to form lasting relationships and traditions. Visit our website or contact us today to see for yourself the West Canyon Ranch difference.