Imagine a crisp fall night, warm blankets, a loved one, and a million stars lighting up the night sky. When you visit West Canyon Ranch, you can get all that and more. The location of our hunting ranch offers low light pollution and the stars in the sky can truly take your breath away.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you experienced looking into the universe? Most people notice the appearance of the sky every night, but don’t take the time to appreciate it. At West Canyon Ranch, stargazing will become one of your favorite nightly rituals.

Every year, guests leave the Ranch talking about their stargazing experiences. It is the look of the Milky Way without the pollution and light of the city set against the backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains that most likely does the trick. It is exceptionally beautiful during moonless and cloudless nights.

Unfortunately, not many of us can experience true stargazing because of our remote location. In fact, most hunters don’t even have the chance to see the Milky Way in areas near their home because of the light pollution. But, at West Canyon Ranch, you will get to experience it nearly every night.

The night sky is alive and visible even to the naked eye during your visit to West Canyon, waiting for you to take it in whenever possible. The Ranch is set far away from the lights of a city on 4,000 acres of land. Not only can you enjoy it during a day excursion but especially on our 3-day guided elk hunting trips.

Our guides and hunting experts are also well-versed in the stars. They can help point out constellations, planets, and other important stars throughout the night. You can also swap stories while you experience the stars around a lit campfire.

Get in touch with the team at West Canyon Ranch today to learn more about our activity options, including stargazing. No matter when you book, West Canyon Ranch has activities for everyone. From some of the best Utah hunting to stargazing to horseback riding, the Ranch is the perfect place to explore.

You can also learn about off-site activities near the Ranch, including nearby hikes that feature some of the most sought-after scenery in the country. Our guided hunts in Paradise, Utah, also include a variety of activities, including horseback riding, horseshoes, and stargazing.

For an exceptional guided hunt experience, book a trip with West Canyon Ranch in Utah. We look forward to showing you the stars and watching you explore the universe with your friends. Contact us today to learn more.