West Canyon Ranch Guided Turkey Hunts:

Few things in mother nature rival the beauty of a strutting tom. These relaxing and low stress hunts are a favorite among guides. Each morning the ranch is awakened by the sound of gobbling toms. With keen eyesight and perfect knowledge of the ranch, don’t let their beauty fool you, these birds are a challenge to hunt.  Method of hunt is Archery or Shotgun.

Our guided turkey hunts are 3 days and 2 nights.

Turkey Hunting Season:

April and May

Turkey Facts:

Turkeys are indigenous to the United States and Mexico.

Turkeys got their name from passing through Turkey from the New World to England in the 1500s or theory N0. 2 is was a guinea fowl imported to Europe by yes, Turkish merchants.

46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving.

Ben Franklin, in a letter to his daughter, proposed turkeys as the official United States bird.

Turkeys are opportunistic foragers.  They spend most of their day scratching, chasing bugs and milling for seeds.

Turkeys move a mile or two a day.  Home ranges vary from a few hundred acres to over a thousand.

Turkeys have 28 distinct calls.

Turkey beards can grow 3-5 inches in a year.  Twenty percent of hens can grow beards.

Turkeys roost in trees at night which helps the birds avoid ground predators.

Turkeys mating ritual begins in the spring.  Courtship behavior include gobbling and strutting by the males in order to attract females.

Hens lay between 10-12 eggs in nests that are shallow depressions formed by scratching.

Turkeys are one of the most hunted species in North America.