Guided Turkey Hunting in Utah
Guided Turkey Hunting in Utah

How Much Do Guided Turkey Hunts Cost

West Canyon Ranch Guided Turkey Hunts:

Utah’s magnificent turkey population makes it a destination for hunters everywhere, and West Canyon Ranch offers the best turkey hunts available. Our guaranteed wild turkey hunting trips are renowned across the United States for the massive turkey size, hunter success rate, and overall experience. With a professional guide and a 100% guaranteed shot opportunity, a turkey hunt at West Canyon Ranch is sure to be unforgettable.

Turkey hunts at West Canyon Ranch are a favorite among guides and guests because they are laid back and low stress. Relaxing doesn’t mean boring, however. Turkey hunts require patience, finesse, and are incredibly fulfilling.

The guided turkey hunts at West Canyon Ranch can be made to fit any type of hunter. Whether you prefer to hunt with a shotgun or bow, West Canyon Ranch has the perfect trip for you. Our all-inclusive guided turkey hunts include all meals, 3 days lodging, blinds, guides, airport transportation, and field care. With our staff there to cater to your every need, the only thing you need to worry about is shooting your trophy turkey.

We offer our fully guided turkey hunts during spring season (April to May), and during the fall season (October to December). With over 4,000 acres of private hunting ground and hundreds of Merriam wild turkeys to choose from, we guarantee an experience like no other. While the West Canyon Ranch turkey hunts are great stand-alone trips, they can also be added to elk, bison hunting trips at a reduced cost.

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Bearded Tom



3 Days
Mature Bird

All-Inclusive – Licenses, Guide Services, Lodging, Meals, Beverages, Airport Transportation, Field Care
Commercial Airport Salt Lake City, Utah (75 miles)
Private Airport Logan, Utah (15 miles)

*State of Utah turkey license not included

*Rates are subject to federal, state and local taxes

Experience the Fastest-Growing Hunting Activity at West Canyon Ranch

Turkey hunting is quickly gaining popularity among hunters. As the fastest-growing form of hunting in North America, turkey tags are in higher demand than ever before. West Canyon Ranch streamlines the process with top-rated guided trophy turkey hunts. A private turkey hunt provides hunters with numerous advantages, from a wide selection of Utah’s finest birds to five-star amenities. Whether you are into bowhunting wild turkeys or targeting wild toms with a shotgun, check out West Canyon Ranch.

West Canyon Ranch Utah turkey hunts are some of the best in the country. Hunters work closely with our experienced guides roaming our 4,000-acre Ranch for a trophy-bearded tom. But, more than that, hunters can focus all their attention on the sport while enjoying top-tier accommodations. Our five-star lodging, private chef-cooked meals, and guided services ensure that your Utah turkey hunt is unlike any other experience you will ever have.

After booking a private turkey hunt at the Ranch, you will work with our guides to customize a hunting itinerary that meets all of the group’s preferences. You will also decide whether you will spot and stalk, hunt from a jeep or side by side, call, or use one of our many ground blinds. Since hunters each have unique hunting techniques, we also offer various turkey hunting options, including hunting with a shotgun or a bow.

No matter which you choose, our private turkey hunts are a favorite among guides and guests since they are laid back and low stress, encapsulating the relaxed hunt most hunters dream about but never experience. Just remember that although our guided turkey hunting trips are relaxing doesn’t mean they are boring. These turkey hunts will still require patience and finesse. Do it right, and your turkey hunt at West Canyon Ranch will be incredibly fulfilling.

You can book a guided trophy turkey hunt at West Canyon Ranch during Utah’s spring season (April to May) and during the fall season (October to December). With over 4,000 acres of private hunting ground and hundreds of Merriam wild turkeys to choose from, we guarantee an experience like no other.

Utah Turkey Hunting Information

Hunting alongside a private turkey hunting outfitter in Utah is an experience every hunter dreams of doing but few experience. Utah is well-known among big-time hunters for its hunting population. The state boasts an impressive amount of differing game, thriving wildlife populations, and natural landscapes, making it a dream destination for many hunters. Some of Utah’s hunting options include wild turkey, elk, pronghorn, bison, moose, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and waterfowl.

If you have been hunting turkey long enough, you know that wild turkey hunting is becoming more popular throughout the industry. The increased participation among hunters is making it harder than ever to get a tag each season.

Currently, Utah offers less than 10,000 tags per season, on average. While that might seem like a lot, it can make it challenging for most hunters, especially those who don’t plan in advance.

Utah’s Department of Wildlife also carefully manages its wild turkey habitats. Since wild turkeys are not native to the state, they were successfully introduced in 1986. Since then, the population has grown immensely. Currently, there are an estimated 25,000 wild turkeys in Utah.

As of today, residents and visitors to Utah can enjoy two turkey hunting seasons. There is a limited entry and youth hunting season. After the limited entry hunt, there is a general hunt with limited tag availability.

If you miss out, Utah citizens can also participate in the general fall hunt. Even if you get your hands on a tag, finding a wild turkey to hunt can be incredibly frustrating. Guided trophy turkey hunts put all that you need for a successful turkey hunt right in the palm of your hand.

Our Merriam turkeys are one of the most abundant species in the mountainous regions of the West. Since our Ranch rests near the Rocky Mountains, the central hub for the Merriam population, we successfully manage a healthy population of these bearded toms.

Merriam turkeys’ characteristic features include light-colored tips on their tail feathers with more white and less black on their wing feathers. They also have the weakest gobble of all the turkey subspecies with short to moderate beard lengths. Our adult males weigh around 18 to 30 pounds, and our females weigh around 8 to 12 pounds.

Amenities of Private Turkey Hunts at West Canyon Ranch

Whether you book a three-day bearded tom hunt or add turkey hunting to your all-inclusive stay on the Ranch, you will get the best treatment possible during your stay at West Canyon Ranch. Each day of your Utah turkey hunt will exceed the last. All of our hunting programs include all-inclusive amenities, including private-chef meals, five-star lodging, airport transportation, and more.

Along with a range of five-star amenities, you can enjoy our other services while on the premises and off-site during your hunts. Some of the specialty services we offer include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Internet
  • Massage therapist upon request
  • Soaking tub
  • Camp set-up
  • Meat storage
  • Assistance with travel details and itineraries

No matter what you need during your multi-day stay, West Canyon Ranch is here to ensure you have the best experience possible. Our staff will also take care of your other needs, including meal preparation, airport transportation, meat shipment, and more. These amenities are what make a private turkey hunt a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Whichever Utah turkey hunting trip you choose, the West Canyon Ranch team will ensure that you enjoy your hunt day-in and day-out. During the booking process, our team will work closely with your group to create a custom hunting contract that outlines what to expect during your stay.

At that time, you will receive a full itinerary of your hunt, including dates, transportation to and from the airport, personalized meal plans, lodging details, and more. You can learn additional suggestions from our Utah hunting expert by visiting our Guaranteed Turkey Hunting page.

Book Your West Canyon Ranch Turkey Hunt Today

Turkey hunting on West Canyon Ranch will make memories that last a lifetime. Hunters can enjoy guided tours on our 4,000-acre Northern Utah property. The abundant population of Merriam turkeys allows hunters the opportunities they need to hunt the turkey of their dreams.

Our herd management techniques ensure superior genetics, allowing our animals to reach a mature age and maximum size. Not only are our hunts always guaranteed, but we also promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every one of our visitors. Combine that with the experience and knowledge of our expert guides, and you will set your target on a trophy-bearded tom before you know it.

Book your guided turkey hunt fast before your option runs out. Our turkey hunting availability is limited and in high demand among visitors. If you are curious about upcoming hunts, contact our team. We can discuss with you your options, including customized itinerary services, preferences, or adding turkey hunting to your other booking.

We also offer a variety of all-inclusive packages to meet your unique interests and needs, including private trophy elk hunts, guided bison hunting, and more. Contact us to learn more.