Utah Wingshooting Lodge

West Canyon Ranch is a no-limit wingshooting lodge in Utah that offers an experience like no other. Even the best shooters will find our guided wingshooting trips fulfilling and challenging with diverse terrain and wildlife. Populations of pheasants, grouse, chukar, and Hungarian partridges, decorate the forests and grasslands of West Canyon Ranch. Our guides have years of experience and can give you an unforgettable private wingshooting hunt.

From September 1 – March 31, you can enjoy a satisfying, fast-paced hunt on over 4,000 acres of exceptional ranch land. Fall and early spring seasons promise ideal hunting conditions, with temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees. Though winter may be colder, guests can still enjoy a remarkable, first-class wingshooting experience.

No Limit Wingshooting Lodge

Hunters continually rank West Canyon Ranch as one of the top wingshooting lodges in Utah around the country. Our private wingshooting services include private guided trips and day trip opportunities among some of the most abundant wildlife in the area, You can expect a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience at our luxury wingshooting lodge.

With breathtaking views of the valley and wide-open spaces as far as the eye can see, West Canyon Ranch is the best place for you and your companions to practice. Booking a wingshooting trip at West Canyon Ranch ensures a completely private experience—the entire Ranch is dedicated to you, your guests, and your dogs.

Not only do we guarantee a 100% shot opportunity, but we also promise the hunting experience of a lifetime. For premier wingshooting in Utah, check out the hunting programs at West Canyon Ranch. Our wingshooting trips are the perfect opportunity to improve your precision and give your dogs a chance they have itched to take since last season.

Choose one of our premier or ultimate experiences for an all-inclusive hunt, or select a half- or full-day experience for something more laid back. Whichever option you take, wingshooting at West Canyon Ranch is a hunting experience that you will look back on for years to come.

Wingshooting at West Canyon Ranch

West Canyon Ranch offers some of the most ideal wingshooting conditions in the world. Not only is West Canyon Ranch the ideal wingshooting lodge, but many hunters say it is a one-of-a-kind hunting trip that every hunter should experience at least once. You can choose an all-inclusive hunt or half and full-day experiences, depending on your needs. Whichever option you choose, West Canyon Ranch will provide a wingshooting experience like none other.

Whether you are an advanced wingshooter or new to the sport, West Canyon Ranch’s private wingshooting lodge will afford you all the opportunities you need to experience a true Utah hunt. Not only is wingshooting a good opportunity to advance your shooting precision, but it’s also a great place to put your dogs to work.

You can work with our team to set up the parameters of your trip, including guests, accommodations, meal requirements, transportation, and more. Many of our out-of-state visitors find setting up the trip is the hardest part. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that your party has everything necessary at your disposal.

When you book a wingshooting stay, our team will draft a contract that includes a full itinerary of what to expect during your stay at our Utah private hunting ranch. Besides these personalized details, West Canyon Ranch can also help you take care of any bird that you shoot.

Our team can also process and ship the meat back to your home so you don’t need to worry about taking it on your flight. If you wish to have any birds made into taxidermies, our team will set you up with local services. No matter your meat handling preferences, you can rely on West Canyon Ranch’s wingshooting lodge services.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks are all included throughout your stay as part of our private wingshooting lodge cuisine. The West Canyon private chef and dining staff will work tirelessly preparing every meal with carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, you can work closely with our private chef and their team to personalize cuisine that is up to par. Our team will ensure that you receive a five-star culinary experience throughout your stay at our private hunting ranch in Utah.

All in all, West Canyon Ranch provides all of the accommodations and services you need so that your party can focus on what you love most — the hunt.

Book a Private Hunt at Utah’s Top Wingshooting Lodge

As a private luxury wingshooting lodge in Utah, the guided wingshooting packages at West Canyon Ranch have options for half- and full-day hunts, as well as all-inclusive Ultimate and Premier hunts. Our all-inclusive experiences include guides, lodging, meals prepared by a private chef, field dressing, and airport transportation. Additionally, the Ultimate and Premier packages have no bag limits or per-bird fees.

If you are ready for some world-class wingshooting, visit West Canyon Ranch. Our native population of pheasants, grouse, Hungarian partridges, will keep you busy throughout the length of your stay and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our guided wingshooting experiences.




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