A ranch favorite that is few and far between but often found in small coveys around the ranch is the Hungarian partridge. With our native populations on the ranch, these fast-flying birds will test even the greatest of shooters.

Private Partridge Hunting Lodge

The Hungarian partridge may not be a native Utah species, but it has become a coveted prize among seasoned hunters. This incidental species is a challenge for everyone who chooses it as their hunt. Whether it’s their unpredictable whereabouts or the jumping ahead of hunters and dogs, you can expect a Hungarian partridge to test your abilities at West Canyon Ranch.

Our Hungarian partridge hunting ranch offers the perfect landscape for hunting Huns. Since Hungarian partridges are moderately available, West Canyon Ranch’s selection of Huns is all the more coveted. Our Hungarian partridge hunting trips offer hunters the chance of a lifetime to hunt the rare bird species in the country’s most beautiful landscape.

Our 4,000-acre Ranch includes open farmlands, grassy fields, mountainous regions, and all the makings of a prime Hungarian partridge hunting lodge. You will often find Huns dwelling among our other bird flocks, including grouse, pheasants, and chukar. Our setters offer years of knowledge and experience tracking Hungarian partridge across the Ranch. They are our greatest tool in locating grouse in the thick cover of the area.

Join us as we chase these rare Hungarian partridges among maple draws and high-country pines. But don’t expect it to come easy. These birds are far less predictable than pheasants and other bird types. While they seem to prefer edge-type habitats such as crop borders or windrows, they can migrate to feeding areas as well. Finding and shooting one down might be the true test of a great hunter.


Hungarian Partridge Hunting Outfitter

Not sure which Hungarian partridge hunting outfitter offers the services you need for a world-class hunting experience? Trust West Canyon Ranch for the best Hungarian partridge hunting in Utah. Even the most seasoned hunters will find our guided hunting trips fulfilling and challenging with diverse terrain and wildlife. Along with Hun hunting, our private hunting ranch has healthy populations of pheasants, grouse, and quail.

Along with offering trips 7 months of the year, West Canyon Ranch cares about every individual’s experience. Our team pays attention to the details to create a once-in-a-lifetime Hun hunt for all members of your party. Working with you one-on-one, we will personalize your party’s itinerary so that you have everything you need, whether you live locally or out-of-state.

Most of our visitors remark that West Canyon Ranch is the best grouse hunting outfitters they have worked with, including those in other parts of the country. One of the reasons that might contribute to these high ratings lies in the details.

At the beginning of your Hungarian partridge hunting trip, you will speak with our team, drafting an outline of your stay, depending on whether you are participating in an all-inclusive, half-day, or full-day trip. Together, we will design an itinerary of your Hun hunting trip, including guests, accommodations, meal requirements, transportation, and more.

Once our team fine-tunes the details of your stay at our Hungarian partridge lodge, you can rest assured that you will have everything you need for an once-in-a-lifetime hunt. West Canyon Ranch also provides meat handling services to all of our guests, including skinning, plucking, cleaning, quartering, and packaging the meat.

Our team will process and ship the meat back to your home or set you up with local taxidermy services. No matter your preferences, you can rely on West Canyon Ranch’s Hungarian partridge hunting lodge services for all your needs. 


Book a Grouse Hunting Trip at West Canyon Ranch

As one of Utah’s top-rated Hungarian partridge hunting ranches, West Canyon Ranch offers various guided hunting packages with options for half-day and full-day hunts and customize every upland trip to you and your party. Our all-inclusive experiences include guides, lodging, meals prepared by a private chef, field dressing, and airport transportation.

You can select a Hun hunting package during Utah’s on-season from September 1 – March 31. Options include 3 days/ 4 nights, 2 days/ 3 nights, half-day, and full day. Rates may vary. Book for the upcoming Hungarian partridge hunting season now or learn more by contacting our team today.

West Canyon Ranch also offers more than Hungarian partridge hunting trips. You can hunt various Utah’s native birds, including pheasants, turkey, chukar, grouse, and quail. For some of the best private hunting in Utah, come to West Canyon Ranch. Contact us today to learn more about our Hungarian partridge hunting trips.

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