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Guided Bison Hunting

Our exceptional bison herd is known for superior genetics and overall trophy size

A guided bison hunt at West Canyon Ranch provides unforgettable memories of one of your greatest triumphs. Isn’t that what a trophy is all about?
Guaranteed Bison Hunting | West Canyon Ranch

Utah Bison Hunting Ranch

Our trophy bison are 6-10 years old and weigh up to 2,000 pounds. They feed on natural grass and roam freely across 4,000 acres of preserved private hunting land. Not only do we guarantee a 100% shot opportunity wrapped up in an all-inclusive hunting package, but we also guarantee an experience like no other.

Guided Bison Hunting | West Canyon Ranch

Our Guaranteed Bison Hunts Are all-Inclusive

Guided bison hunt details for 2023/2024

The trophy hunts at our Utah bison hunting ranch are all-inclusive. We provide licenses, professional guides, meals prepared by a private chef, lodging, and field dressing.

  • Trophy Bulls $12,000/hunter + tax
  • Meat Bison $10,000/hunter + tax
  • $500/day per each non-hunter/observer + tax
Trip Length

2 days-2 nights

  • 2024-Trophy bison available
  • 2024-Meat bison available
  • 2025-Trophy bison available
  • 2025-Meat bison available
Hunt Dates

April 1-Dec 1

All Inclusive
  • Licenses
  • Guided Services
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Field Dress
Transportation – Not Included
  • Commercial Airport-Salt Lake City, Utah (75 miles)
  • Private Airport- Logan, Utah (15 miles)
Weapons Available
  • Rifles
  • Crossbows
  • Pistols
  • Muzzleloaders
  • Archery
Meat Processing Available (additional cost)
  • $1,250/bison + tax
  • Cut, wrap, and blast freeze
  • Turnaround time varies on group size and when the animal is harvested
  • Other processing not available (sausage, jerky)

West Canyon Ranch Bison Facts & information

If want an ultimate trophy hunting experience in Utah, look no further than our guided bison hunts.

Many bison roam the vast landscape of West Canyon Ranch. The magnificent animals, as old as the West, stand apart from other game. Don’t let their beauty fool you, however. Bison hunting is challenging—yet rewarding.

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Animal Age

West Canyon Ranch’s bison herd ranges from newborn calves to mature bulls and cows. Trophy Bison are 5-10 years old. Our meat bison are 3-4 years old.


Meat Bison 1100-1500 lbs
Trophy Bison 1700-2200 lbs


Bison roam in grasslands and plains. They are herbivores who prefer low-growing grasses and sedges. They are constantly on the move and even feed while they walk. Bison consume 20-25 lbs of vegetation daily.


West Canyon Ranch has a population of over 100 bison. The herd is composed of bulls, cows, and calves. It is its own natural working herd.

Guaranteed Bison Hunting

The Best Utah Bison Hunting Ranch

West Canyon Ranch provides the perfect opportunity to experience bison hunting in Utah.

Utah is a leading destination for private guided bison hunting across the United States, and West Canyon Ranch offers some of the best-guaranteed bison hunts. From early April to December, you can discover the exhilaration of bison hunting in Utah. Because we provide a limited number of bison hunts each year, we recommend booking your experience as soon as possible.

We offer various bison hunting experiences for all skill levels and preferences.

West Canyon Ranch understands that all hunters have different preferences, so our trophy bison hunt can be customized to fit every type of hunter. Guests may use their weapon of choice during bison hunts, including rifle, muzzleloader, handgun, crossbow, or bow-and-arrow. Additionally, guests on our guaranteed bison hunts can put their spot and stalk skills to the test or hunt from a jeep or side by side.

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West Canyon Ranch offers some of the most incredible guided bison hunts in the country, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See what our customers say about their experience at our bison-hunting ranch in Utah.

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Frequently Asked Bison Hunting Questions

Our experienced guides have the answers to all of your hunting questions. If you have a question not listed here, don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable staff.
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Are buffalo and bison the same animal?

Bison are often mistakenly called buffalo but are not the same animal. Bison are native to North America and Europe. Buffalo are native to Africa and Asia. The primary distinction between the two are the horns: Bison have small sharp horns, while buffalo have much longer horns that curve.

How much does a guided bison hunt cost?

An all-inclusive, 100% shot opportunity bison hunt at West Canyon Ranch in 2023 costs $10,000 per hunter plus tax. The cost includes hunting licenses, lodging, meals prepared by our private chef, beverages, and field-dressing the animal.

Do I need to draw a bison tag to hunt at West Canyon Ranch?

No. You don’t need to draw a tag to hunt bison at West Canyon Ranch. The licenses are included when you book one of our bison hunt packages. We obtain our own tags and issue them to the hunters on our ranch.

Beyond Our Guided Bison Hunts

In addition to beautiful bison hunts, we offer guaranteed turkey hunts and guided trophy elk hunting at our high-fence hunting ranch in Utah.

Guided Elk Hunts

Guided Turkey Hunts

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