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Bag a bird at West Canyon Ranch in Utah
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Turkey Hunting

With a professional guide and a 100% guaranteed shot opportunity, a turkey hunt at West Canyon Ranch is sure to be unforgettable

Our guaranteed wild turkey hunting trips are renowned for their massive turkey size, hunter success rate, and overall experience
Utah Turkey Hunt | West Canyon Ranch

We offer guided turkey hunts in the spring and fall (April through May and October through November) With over 4,000 acres of private hunting ground and hundreds of Merriam wild turkeys to choose from, we guarantee an experience like no other.

Utah Turkey Hunting | West Canyon Ranch

Our Guaranteed Turkey Hunts Are all Inclusive

Guided turkey hunt details for 2024

Our guided turkey hunts last 3 days and 3 nights. The experience comes fully loaded with our world-class amenities and a 100% guaranteed shot opportunity.


$4,000/hunter + tax

$500/day per each non-hunter/observer + tax

Trip Length

3 days-3 nights



Hunt Dates


All Inclusive
  • Licenses
  • Guided Services
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Field Dress
  • Commercial Airport-Salt Lake City, Utah (75 miles)
  • Private Airport- Logan, Utah (15 miles)
Weapons Available
  • Shotgun

West Canyon Ranch Turkey Facts & information

Guaranteed turkey hunts are quickly gaining popularity, and they appeal to all ages and stages of hunting

For many young or inexperienced hunters, guaranteed turkey hunts can be a great starting point to get a feel for the sport. For seasoned hunters, turkey hunting can be a fun and laid-back way to spend the afternoon.

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Animal Age

West Canyon Ranch’s Turkey population range from poults to adult male and female birds. We harvest mature Toms or Gobblers that are 2-4 years old and Jakes who are 1-2 years old. We don’t hunt Hens or Jennies.


Tom 15-20 lbs
Jake 10-15 lbs
Hen 8-12 lbs


West Canyon Ranch turkeys are typically a mountain bird found in mature stands of pines, maples, aspen and grassy meadows. They are opportunistic foragers focusing on grasses, insects, worms, seeds, leafy vegetation, nuts and berries.


The total flock of Merriam Turkey at West Canyon stretches into the hundreds. The numbers fluctuate year to year based off the winter but our current numbers have never been stronger.


We focus on habitat restoration and supplement feed in the winter.

Turkey Hunting in Utah

The guided turkey hunts at West Canyon Ranch can be made to fit any type of hunter

Whether you prefer to hunt with a shotgun or bow, West Canyon Ranch has the perfect trip for you. Our all-inclusive guided turkey hunts include chef-prepared meals, 3 days lodging, blinds, guides, airport transportation, field care, permits, and more. After booking your turkey hunt, our experts will work with you to customize a hunting itinerary that meets all of the group’s preferences.

In Utah, Turkey hunting tags are getting harder and harder to obtain, but we make it easy

Currently, Utah offers less than 10,000 tags per season, on average. While that might seem like a lot, it can make it challenging for most hunters, especially those who don’t plan in advance. When you book with our turnkey hunting ranch, we handle your permits for you, so you can enjoy your experience without the grunt work.

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Client Reviews

West Canyon Ranch Utah turkey hunts are some of the best in the country, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our collection of glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

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Frequently Asked Turkey Hunting Questions

Check out a few of the most common questions from new and experienced hunters
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What are the benefits of guided turkey hunting over self-guided hunting?

The advantage of a guided hunt is the opportunity to hunt alongside a seasoned professional. Learning to hunt turkeys effectively can take years of trial and error if you don’t know what you’re doing. A guide can show you how it’s done and give you expert advice on turkey hunting best practices.

How do I find a reputable and experienced turkey hunting guide?

The easiest way to find a reputable and experienced turkey hunting guide is to visit West Canyon Ranch! All of our guides are exceptionally skilled and wield years of experience. Our experts can give you invaluable advice on how to bag your ideal trophy bird.

What should I expect from a guided turkey hunting trip?

Turkey hunts are widely popular because they offer the thrill of the hunt at a more relaxed pace than elk or bison hunting. You can expect to experiment with turkey calls, different hunting strategies, and stocking and tracking. You can also expect a guaranteed shot opportunity at our ranch!

What gear and equipment do I need for guided turkey hunting?

At West Canyon Ranch, all you need to bring is your weapon of choice. If you’d like, you’re also welcome to bring additional helpful gear, such as camouflage, decoys, turkey calls, and binoculars.

Are there specific seasons and regulations for turkey hunting in different regions?

Every state or region will have its own turkey hunting seasons and regulations. Always do your homework before embarking on a hunting trip to make sure you’re not breaking any laws. For turkey hunting information, give us a call!

What happens if I don't have any prior hunting experience? Can I still go on a guided turkey hunt?

Guided turkey hunts are an excellent adventure for beginner hunters. This laid-back, low-pressure experience provides the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the sport. Our professional guides will be with you throughout the journey to answer questions and provide assistance.

Are there any additional permits or licenses required for guided turkey hunting?

Turkey hunting requires a Utah hunting license as well as a Utah turkey license. Contact us today for more information about permits and tags for turkeys.

Guided Turkey Hunts and Beyond

While the West Canyon Ranch turkey hunts are great stand-alone trips, they can also be added to elk and bison hunting trips at a reduced cost. No matter your game preferences, we have the right hunt for every hunting style and skill level.

Guided Bison Hunts

Guided Elk Hunts

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