Watching the sunrise at the top of our pine canyons is truly a breath-taking experience. At the top of the Ranch, you can enjoy panoramic views of Cache Valley. Many of our guests will hike throughout the Ranch on our 20+ miles of great hiking trails. West Canyon Ranch is also near some of the best hiking areas in the Wasatch Mountains.

As you visit our Ranch, you can ask our team for guidance on which hiking spots would be the best for your group to visit. Some of the popular trails nearby include the 21st Street Pond Trail. If you are looking for a quick hike, then this popular trail will work well. It is a one-mile trail that encircles a human-made pond that is also great for fishing. You can also spot many local birds along the way. The 21st Street Pond Trail is also paved and flat, following along the diverse region of the Ogden River Parkway.




Another excellent hiking spot is the Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail. Hike along this paved trail that runs for 23.5 miles. It extends north through West Bountiful and passes into the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area, where it joins the Legacy Parkway Trail. It is also a former right-of-way, which was most recently used by Union Pacific Railroad and was railbanked by the Utah Transit Authority in 2003. The trail is also a part of the Golden Spoke network, which offers 100 miles of paved trails, which work well for biking, running, skating, and hiking.

Our team suggests visiting the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park if you are looking for a natural hiking spot. This State Park has 28 miles of hiking trails where you can bike, hike, fish, inline skate, mountain bike, horseback ride, and cross-country ski. The Rail Trail starts in Park City and runs clear up to the nearby Echo Reservoir. While you hike along the trail, you will notice a transition in the scenery, including the wetlands and farms near Wanship and Silver Creek Canyon. You will also enjoy a menagerie of wildlife from foxes, bald eagles, herons, and moose to deer and beaver. There are numerous access points that you can start your hike throughout the route.

Working with the West Canyon Ranch team, you can find a hiking spot that fits all your needs, whether you choose to hike throughout the Ranch or visit a nearby hiking trail. Contact us to learn more about the hiking options offered during your West Canyon Ranch guided hunting expedition.

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