Pheasant Hunting Lodge

Pheasant hunting is an American pastime that brings many hunters back to their roots. It is a tradition that brings people of all ages together. Although pheasant hunting is one of the best options for novice hunters, it takes knowledge, skills, and late-season toughness to perfect. However, you can’t have a pheasant hunting experience without a good pheasant habitat.

West Canyon Ranch is a top-rated pheasant hunting ranch located in northern Utah. The natural resources of the area combined with five-star amenities make West Canyon Ranch hard to beat. Take a walk around the 4,000-acres pheasant hunting lodge, and you will spot a diverse population of birds, including pheasants, grouse, chukar, and Hungarian partridges.

You can chase and stalk Utah’s native pheasants throughout various land types like our grasslands and forestry. Not to mention our entire ranch land is set against Utah’s Rocky Mountain backdrop. One visit and hunting in the lowlands of West Canyon Ranch quickly becomes a favorite.

You will appreciate the landscapes, cover foliage, and our hard-flying pheasant population. Our pheasant hunting experts describe our pheasants as wild and smart—giving advanced hunters a run for their money. Give it a go from September 1 – March 31, during Utah’s pheasant hunting season.

This long window gives you plenty of time to book a visit. You can enjoy an incredible, fast-paced hunt during a 3-day, 2-day, full-day, or half-day, stay. In Utah, the fall and early spring weather promise some of the most ideal hunting conditions available, with average temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees. Though the winter may be colder, many pheasant hunters enjoy the challenge of a remarkable, first-class winter hunt experience.

You can also add pheasant hunting and wingshooting to our other hunting packages, including elk hunting, bison hunts, turkey hunts, and more. But no matter what brings you to the Ranch, our pheasant hunting is an absolute must-do.


Pheasant Hunting Outfitters at West Canyon Ranch

Hunters from around the United States continually rate West Canyon Ranch as their top pheasant hunting outfitter. Our private pheasant hunting lodge offers private guided trips, day trips, and other services for local and out-of-state pheasant hunters. The Ranch’s natural habitat, expansive, and first-class accommodations combine for a once-in-a-lifetime pheasant hunt on every West Canyon Ranch pheasant hunting trip.

With breathtaking views of Utah’s northern landscape and wide-open terrain for over 4,000 acres of natural land, West Canyon Ranch may be the best Ranch that you and your companions will ever hunt. Working with the pheasant hunting outfitters at West Canyon Ranch will ensure a completely private experience with the entire Ranch and staff dedicated to you, your guests, and your dogs.

Our pheasant hunting lodge even guarantees a 100% shot opportunity and a hunting experience unlike any other. You can rely on West Canyon ranch for all your premier wingshooting needs, including pheasant hunting. Our pheasant hunting trips always promise the perfect opportunity to improve your precision and make your dogs go to work.

Work with our team to set up the pheasant hunting trip of your dreams. You can select between our premier or ultimate experiences for an all-inclusive hunt. We also offer half-day or full-day experiences for something more laid back. No matter which option you book, a few hours of pheasant hunting at West Canyon Ranch will leave you wanting more.


Best Pheasant Hunting in Utah

If you want to experience pheasant hunting at its best, look no further than West Canyon Ranch in Utah. Our Ranch provides pheasant hunting outfitter services that ensure you have everything you need to make your hunt perfect. In fact, many visitors remark that hunting at West Canyon Ranch is an experience that every pheasant hunter should have at least once.

Whether you are a novice pheasant hunter or have been working at it for years, West Canyon Ranch’s pheasant hunting trips provide endless opportunities to perfect your shooting precision. You can start your journey by working with our team to set the parameters of your trip, including guests, accommodations, meal requirements, transportation, and more.

Working with our pheasant hunting experts, you will draft a contract that includes a full itinerary of what to expect during your stay at our private pheasant hunting lodge. Everything from personalized details to airport transportation will come together thanks to the West Canyon Ranch team.

Our team even offers cleaning and quartering services, including skinning, plucking, cleaning, quartering, and packaging meat. Our guides also bring walk-in coolers on further-out hunts to store meat. Then, once you make your way back to the main lodge, we will frost, freeze, and process the meat in any way you desire. Our team can also process and ship the meat back to your home or set you up with local services.

Our pheasant hunting ranch also provides all meals during your stay, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Our private chef and dining staff will work tirelessly preparing every meal with carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients while adhering to any of your party’s dietary restrictions or preferences.

No matter what you need, our team will ensure that you receive a five-star culinary experience throughout your stay at our pheasant hunting lodge in Utah.


Book Your Pheasant Hunting Trip At West Canyon Ranch

West Canyon Ranch offers world-class pheasant hunting on our 4,000-acre Ranch. Our guided pheasant hunting packages include options for half- and full-day hunts, as well as all-inclusive Ultimate and Premier hunts. Our all-inclusive experiences provide your party with guides, lodging, meals prepared by a private chef, field dressing, and airport transportation. Additionally, the Ultimate and Premier packages have no bag limits or per-bird fees.

Our pheasant hunting trip packages include options throughout Utah’s hunting season from September 1 – March 31. Options include 3 days/ 4 nights, 2 days/ 3 nights, half-day, and full day. Rates may vary. Book for the next upcoming season now or learn more by contacting our team today.

Along with pheasant hunting, our Ranch also offers a range of wingshooting experiences with a native population of pheasants, grouse, chukar, Hungarian partridges, and quail. You can rely on West Canyon Ranch for some of the best pheasant hunting in the country. Contact us today to learn more about our guided pheasant hunting and wingshooting services.

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