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Nick Summers

Turkey Hunting in Utah | West Canyon RanchGuided Turkey Hunting

The Top Turkey Drop Shots

While learning the detailed skill of turkey hunting, watching hunting videos can be invaluable. You'll see hunters calling turkeys, showing you where to set up in the best spots, and demonstrating their hunting equipment. In…
Nick Summers
June 19, 2024
guided elk hunts | West Canyon RanchElk Hunting

Where To Hunt Elk In Utah

Utah has plenty to offer avid hunters seeking an unforgettable elk hunting experience. The state's varied terrain and rich elk population provide excellent opportunities for elk hunting. Let's explore the best areas for both public…
Nick Summers
August 14, 2023
What types of bison hunts are available featuredGuided Bison Hunting

Best Bison Recipes

Once you’ve returned home from your bison hunt, you have the ultimate reward: pounds and pounds of delicious bison meat to enjoy. The best part of a hunt is often savoring the meat you can…
Nick Summers
August 8, 2023