Many bison roam the vast landscape of West Canyon Ranch. The magnificent animals, as old as the West itself, stand apart from their surrounding wildlife. Don’t let their beauty fool you, however. Bison hunting is challenging—yet rewarding.

Utah is a leading destination for private guided bison hunting across the United States and West Canyon Ranch offers some of the best guaranteed bison hunts available. Our exceptional herd is maintained for superior genetics and overall trophy size. From mid-August to December, your dream trophy bull is more attainable than ever. Our trophy bison are 6-10 years old and weigh up to 2,000 pounds. With more than 4,000 acres of hunting grounds to explore, you’re sure to find a worthy bull. Not only do we guarantee a 100% shot opportunity, we guarantee an experience like no other.

West Canyon Ranch understands that all hunters have different preferences, which is why our trophy bison hunt can be customized to fit every type of hunter. Guests may use their weapon of choice during bison hunts, including rifle, muzzleloader, handgun, crossbow or bow-and-arrow. Additionally, guests on our guaranteed bison hunts have the option to put their spot and stalk skills to the test, or to hunt from a jeep or side by side.

The trophy bison hunts at West Canyon Ranch are all-inclusive. We provide licenses, professional guides, meals prepared by a private chef, lodging, airport transportation, and field dressing. For 2 days and 1 night, you can discover the exhilaration of bison hunting in Utah. Our seasoned guides have the expertise you need to find your once-in-a-lifetime trophy bull.

Because we offer a limited number of bison hunts each year, we recommend booking your experience as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about the unforgettable guaranteed bison hunts at West Canyon Ranch.

In addition to beautiful bison hunts, we also offer guided trophy elk hunting at our high fence hunting ranch in Utah.


2023 Trophy Bison

$10,000.00 per hunter

 All Inclusive – Licenses, Guide Services, Lodging, Meals, Beverages, Airport Transportation, Field Care
Commercial Airport Salt Lake City, Utah (75 miles)
Private Airport Logan, Utah (15 miles)

2023 Bison 3-4 year old

$8,000.00 per hunter

 All Inclusive – Licenses, Guide Services, Lodging, Meals, Beverages, Airport Transportation, Field Care
Commercial Airport Salt Lake City, Utah (75 miles)
Private Airport Logan, Utah (15 miles)

Observer Rate $500.00 per day



*Rates are subject to federal, state, and local taxes

Guided Bison Testimonials for West Canyon Ranch

Simply Outstanding – Incredible Bison Hunting Experience

“Our Sept. 2021 hunting experience at West Canyon Ranch with my husband Bob and son Ryan was simply outstanding – incredible. The hunting for Elk and bison on the Ranch was a true wilderness experience with the wild and wary game. We are bow hunters, and for us, the hunts were quite challenging, very exciting, and extremely well guided (the stalks were simply amazing). The accommodations (best described as a very elegant log cabin lodge) and the food were both five stars. All staff were very friendly and accommodating. We are booking for next year right now. Best hunting experience of our lives.”

Wendy S.

I am still smiling!

“My son and I went to WCR for our first father-son big game hunt. 2 weeks later, I am still smiling. What a place! What an experience! The morning included fresh coffee and elk bugling to start the day.  It got better from there! The food was phenomenal, the guides were spot on, and Nick/Fred made the whole process easy. We saw Elk, Mule deer, turkeys, pheasants, and bison. The whole WCR staff took extra time to make our party feel at home. I really appreciate our guide and the time he took with my son. Forget your diet because the food is just too good to pass up. Rachael rocks and whatever she is cooking I will be the first to sit down. We are already scheduling next year’s hunt.  Again top notch people make the whole hunt perfect!”

Bob S.

They take care of every single detail

“The best hunting experience I’ve ever been. This place is great. Nick and Fred are wonderful people, they are the best, they take care of every single detail. The food, the hospitality, everything was beyond and more of what I expected. Plus Ryan our guide, he’s the bests we saw a lot of elks and bison. 100% recommended. I’m sure we will be back soon. Thank you guys for such an amazing experience.”

Brenda S.

Second-to-none experience

“I was blessed with the opportunity to hunt this ranch about 10 years ago successfully. Recently my brother expressed interest in harvesting a bison. My first thought was WCR, the country that defines this ranch makes for a second-to-none experience. Management has complimented the grounds with character and top-shelf accommodations. We will be returning, thank you for all that you do.”

Kyle M.

Absolutely Gorgeous

“We were fortunate enough to be the first group in the new log cabin. It’s a 10. Absolutely gorgeous and has plenty of space for the 5 of us. The crew was amazing. Their cuisine is better than you’ve had anywhere else. The bison hunt and fishing were experiences I’ll never forget. I’d have a hard time finding a better place to go.”

Andrew H.

In America, Buffalo Hunting Is Actually Bison Hunting

It’s important to know what you’re hunting. Although many people often use the words buffalo and bison as if they were the same thing, buffalo and bison are two distinct species. The two animals have a lot in common regarding size and appearance. They’re both big, brown, grazing land mammals with horns. However, they also have some distinct differences.

Bison are native to North America and Europe. Buffalo are native to Africa and Asia. The big brown beasts that used to roam America often get called buffalo, but they are bison. American bison herds used to roam across the plain from South Dakota to Arizona. Much of the confusion about the two species stems from the bison being mislabeled as buffalo in some American literary works that helped shape the mythos of the American West. Then, the name stuck in the popular consciousness.

Along with location, bison and buffalo also have some distinguishing characteristics with how they look, which can help you quickly identify which one is which. Bison grow a small sharp horn out of each side of their heads. Buffalo have much longer horns that curve. Some species of buffalo grow horns that cover the top of the head like a helmet. Bison grow and shed thick coats each year. Buffalo don’t. Bison grow longer fur under their jaws, like a beard, while buffalo don’t. Finally, bison tend to have larger heads, shoulders, and humps than bison.

While you won’t find buffalo at West Canyon Ranch, you will find some of the best bison hunting around. If you’re looking to hunt the classic beasts of the American Old West, hunt bison.

How much does a guided bison hunt cost?

An all-inclusive bison hunt at West Canyon Ranch in 2023 costs $10,000 per hunter plus tax. That’s a small price to pay for an unforgettable life experience. Hunt with the weapon of your choice. Spot or stalk our mature herds full of trophy-sized bison across 4,000 acres of beautiful Utah wilderness. Plus, we guarantee you will get an opportunity at a shot on a bison.

West Canyon Ranch’s all-inclusive bison hunts provide hunting licenses, transportation to and from the airport, lodging, meals prepared by our private chef, beverages, and field-dressing the animal. You can also bring non-hunting party members for an observer fee of $500 per day.

If you’re ready to hunt one of the biggest animals in America, book your bison hunt at West Canyon Ranch today.

Do I need to draw a bison tag to hunt at West Canyon Ranch?

No. You don’t need to draw a tag to hunt bison at West Canyon Ranch. The licenses are included when you book one of our bison hunt packages. We negotiate our own tags through the game and wildlife department. Then we can issue them to the hunters on our ranch.

Why Bison Hunting is a True Trophy Hunt Experience

Bison hunting is the ultimate trophy hunt. Hunting such a large animal will get your heart pumping. American bison weigh up to 2,000 pounds. When they get running, they can shake the very earth beneath your feet. The sheer size of the animals makes being near them thrilling. It also makes bagging one that much more satisfying.

After the kill, you have an enormous trophy to display on your wall to remind you of the successful hunt. Bison heads make great wall mounts. The impressive head will look even larger indoors and always give you a chance to tell your guests about your fantastic hunting experience. 

If that isn’t enough, you’ll also have a freezer full of healthy, delicious bison meat to feed yourself and your family throughout the year. Bison meat is among the healthiest meat you can find. These bison develop primarily through wild grazing, not captive cultivation. While we keep our buffalo herd healthy and strong, we don’t pump them full of hormones and antibiotics. Instead, they graze the natural grasses at our ranch and have no problem reaching gargantuan sizes. The bison meat you can harvest from your kill will have tons of protein, lower fat, and lower calories than beef.

A guided bison hunt at West Canyon Ranch provides life-long memories of one of your greatest triumphs. Isn’t that what a trophy is supposed to be?

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