You know better than anyone the adrenaline rush of a trophy bull elk hunt. The exhilaration of stalking and shooting the perfect animal is practically unmatched. Unfortunately, many hunters don’t get the chance to hunt their once-in-a-lifetime bull. Obtaining a permit can be difficult, and there are no guarantees you will find or shoot a good bull on your own. Your best chance to capture a trophy elk is through guided elk hunting.

West Canyon Ranch has one of the leading guaranteed trophy elk hunts available. With an experienced guide on your side, you’re sure to find a worthy bull on our 4,000-acre ranch.

As a high fence Utah ranch, West Canyon maintains one of the finest trophy elk herds in the United States. Our tried and true herd management techniques ensure ideal genetic conditions for record-breaking bulls without the risks of predators. We issue our own permits from the state of Utah, taking all the hassle and uncertainty out of the hunt.

Each hunter has different preferences, which is why we have options for rifle elk hunts, archery, crossbow, pistol or muzzleloader hunting. At West Canyon Ranch, you can choose to spot and stalk, hunt from a jeep or side by side, call, or use one of our many ground blinds. Not only do we offer guided trophy bull hunts, West Canyon Ranch offers guided ranch bull hunts, management bull hunts, and cow elk hunts. Our experiences are all-inclusive.

Our guided elk hunts last 3 days and 3 nights with a 100% guaranteed shot opportunity. West Canyon Ranch is Utah’s premier destination for guaranteed trophy elk hunting. Experience an unforgettable guided elk hunt at West Canyon Ranch by contacting us today.

We also offer guided bison hunting in Utah as well.

Guided Elk Hunt Pricing 2023 – Sept 1 to Dec 1

Bull Elk
$15,000.00 per hunter
3 days/3 nights (Sun-Wed or Wed-Sat)

Free Range Cow Elk or High Fence Cow Elk
$3,750.00 per hunter
2 days/2 night


All Inclusive – Licenses, Guide Services, Lodging, Meals, Beverages, Field Dress

Commercial Airport Salt Lake City, Utah (75 miles)

Private Airport Logan, Utah (15 miles)

*Rates are subject to federal, state and local taxes



Hunters who are looking for a world-class guided elk hunting trip count on West Canyon Ranch for detailed information regarding our services. Our Utah elk hunting specialists are here to help you understand everything you need to know about our hunting expeditions. Thanks to countless conversations with hunters from around the world, our team has put together a list of frequently asked questions. Look at the FAQ list below for additional information regarding West Canyon Ranch and guided elk hunting trips. You can also reach out to our customer service team with any other unanswered questions.


Our guided hunting programs include a range of service options. Whether you book a three-day guided trophy bull elk hunt or a day trip, you will get the best treatment possible. You can select from different game types, including elk hunts, bison hunts, and turkey hunting. Every year, West Canyon Ranch will release a schedule of programs that range in length of trips and cost. Browse our Hunting Programs page to get more information regarding our booking options.


West Canyon Ranch guarantees a 100% shot opportunity for all of our guests. This guarantee means that every guest will get a shot at their game of choice, including trophy elks. Our Ranch also promises that you will have the hunting experience of a lifetime. You can even experience one of the leading guaranteed hunts in Utah by participating in our guided trophy bull elk hunts. The 3-day, 3-night hunt attracts hunters worldwide throughout the season. Choose between spot and stalk hunting, calling, hunting from a jeep or side by side, or ground blind hunting. Whichever trip you select, West Canyon Ranch will meet whatever personal preference you need to make your hunt exceptional. For more information on premier guided hunting in Utah, check out the hunting programs at West Canyon Ranch.


If you want to get the most out of your guided elk hunting trip, you must prepare. Preparing for a guided hunting trip takes time and effort. Our elk hunting Utah specialists suggest finding an outfitter that provides all the necessities you need, along with advice on how you can adequately prepare. If you work with an experienced outfitter, you’ll get the best bang for your buck. West Canyon Ranch will help outfit you for our guided trips and provide a list of other things you might need to bring, including field dress, choice of rifle, and any other items.


As a high fence Utah ranch, West Canyon takes all the hassle out of hunting. Not only are the big game larger in size, but the managed herds are healthier and more mature. Hunters often spend precious time waiting to get an elk permit, but hunting at a high fence ranch eliminates all of the waiting. West Canyon Ranch issues our own permits so you can get straight to hunting without worrying about licenses and tags.

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