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Elk hunting is one of the most intense sports in the industry. Enduring the process is a mental challenge as much as it is a skillful one. You can overthink it just as quickly as you begin to understand how it works.

Any hunter can recall a time where they went big game hunting only to come up empty-handed. On the flip side, sometimes you can get a bull elk without much thought at all. In fact, most novice hunters enjoy their first few elk hunts because they haven’t started thinking too much about how it works.

Perhaps the main reason why elk hunting is a challenge is that shooting is largely a mental game. While anyone can pull a trigger, the difference between skilled marksmen and the average Joe comes down to how they think (even more than their technique).

However, there are certain techniques you can work on to make sure your shot hits the right spot. Three tips that our Utah elk hunting experts recommend include:

  1. Practicing with your weapon of choice.
  2. Knowing the distance to your target.
  3. Understanding where to aim.

While the first two come with time, the last, you can learn more about through research and study. One of our favorite ways to do that is by watching footage of drop shots in your downtime. That is why the West Canyon Ranch team compiled a list of the top drop shots of bull elk for you to devour.

Let’s take a look.

Top Elk Hunting Drop Shots

These videos offer a range of circumstances, from young kids firing their first shot to long-range hits. What the variety shows is that it matters more where you hit than the power behind it. Elk is incredibly tough beasts that seem impossible to bring down at times. It Is best to aim for the elk’s vitals, which include the body cavity that houses the lungs and heart.

While watching these compilations, take notice of where the bullet hits. Most of these shots hit right on target, providing lethal results. An arrow or bullet hitting the bull elk’s major arteries will almost always guarantee a quick kill. If not, the wounded elk will leave a good blood trail for another opportunity.

Now, let’s watch some drop shots.

12-Year-Old Wallops Bull Elk at 1376 YARDS!

If you ever worried about your size, take no fear. Even the smallest of people can shoot to kill with the right mark. Take a look as the limits of long-range elk hunting are put to the test as Danner Davidson, Aaron’s son, takes down a nice Wyoming bull with a shot distance of 1376 yards, using Gunwerks 7mm Rem Mag.

Skip to 1:46 for the drop shot.

Wyoming Elk Hunting Kill Shot

The Gunwerks team must make a killer rifle because this second video includes a drop shot from 770 yards. The whole 22-minute video depicts Aaron Davidson and Mark Cochran of Nightforce Optics hiking on Davidson’s favorite opening day basin for elk. Without much luck, the duo packs into a new location where Mark takes a nice bull at 770 yards. You can also continue watching for a demonstration of smart rangefinders and fouling mechanisms.

Skip to 18:20 for the drop shot.

15-Year-Old Girl Shoots a Public Land Giant

Here is more evidence that size doesn’t matter. Brailee, a 15-year-old girl, drew an elk tag back, thinking it would take years before finding a bull elk. Only a few months later did Brailee get the shot of a lifetime on public lands.

Skip to 26:50 for the drop shot.

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

Even on a solo elk hunt, you can take the perfect shot. Martin Chagnovich took a solo trip to Wyoming, facing the challenges of a one-on-one hunt. While it was a tough experience, it seemed to pay off when Martin takes down a nice bull elk.

Skip to 15:30 for the drop shot.

Giant Bulls in Utah

Watch Shane Rhoton harvest one of the largest bull elk you might ever see come out of Utah. The 21-minute video includes everything you would expect from Utah’s iconic elk hunting season, from big bulls to the snowy winter of mid-December.

Skip to 17:10 for the drop shot.

Big Bull Late Elk Hunt Utah

If you are looking for a quick watch, this clip is the perfect one thanks to DoubleBeamOutdoors, who scored a 740-yard kill shot in 2015. The group brings down a 6-point bull a few days before their hunt was over.

Lee Lakosky’s Utah Elk Hunting

Another quick watch, this drop shot video, even includes a bow as the weapon. The kill came after the hunting group found a 7×7 Utah bull after two days of chasing. Lee Lakosky makes a perfect broadside shot with his Creed XS at 74 yards!

Skip to 2:00 for the drop shot.

Mike’s 925 Yard Utah Elk

Gunwerks is back at it again with another long-shot big game kill. The video includes Gunwerks’ Mike Davidson executing a textbook one-shot kill on a Utah Bull Elk at 925 yards. Take a look, and you won’t have any excuse for not making the shot during your next early season hunt.

Skip to 19:52 for the drop shot.

Elk Hunting in Utah

Experience another Utah elk hunting trip that includes another iconic drop shot with this video from Americana Outdoors featuring Tony Miele from Smith Wesson Performance Center. Miele uses an MP10 in 6.5 Creedmoor while covering a lot of ground in search of bugling Elk.

Skip to 6:22 for the drop shot.

Full Draw on 14-Year-Old Bull

Even the largest bull elk can come down with one shot when getting the aim right. This video from Montana Wild shows how patience can make all the difference. Hunter, Zack waits on a roman-nosed bull until it is 8 yards away. With brush in Zack’s shooting lane, he holds his bow at full-draw for nearly two minutes before getting a clean broadside shot. It turns out that the bull elk was 14-year-old thanks to a teeth analysis performed by a local lab.

Skip to 1:40 for the drop shot.

Epic Utah Elk Hunt

Let’s round the list out with this last video featuring Utah elk hunting from drop shot expert, Gunwerks.

Skip to 19:27 for the drop shot.

Experience Utah Elk Hunting at West Canyon Ranch

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We also issue our own permits from the state of Utah, taking all the hassle and uncertainty out of the hunt. You can even expect to make a hit thanks to our guaranteed shot services.

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