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Bagging a trophy elk is a dream for many, but it might seem daunting. After all, whether you’re an experienced hunter or new to hunting, you probably know it’s not just the equipment that will help you get an elk. A successful hunt requires preparation, planning, and trying different techniques until you find the ones that work. At West Canyon Ranch, our guided hunting experts know a thing or two about how to get an elk. Here are some of our best elk-hunting techniques and tips.

The hunting guides at WCR will help you line up the shot

Going on a guided hunt is the experience of a lifetime, but it’s even better if you can get the bull you’ve always wanted. Instead of spending years finding your favorite hunting area and fine-tuning your technique, have the guides at West Canyon Ranch do all the work. Our guided elk hunts come with a 100% guaranteed shot opportunity. Our expert guides assist hunters of all skill levels and preferences during your stay at our ranch. When you book a guided hunting experience with West Canyon Ranch, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, taking in all the sights and sounds, while you track the elk you’ve always wanted.

What are some basic elk hunting techniques and strategies?

Whether you come to West Canyon Ranch or hunt an elk on public land, learning some basic elk-hunting techniques and strategies doesn’t hurt. Here are some of our best tips.

How do I track and locate elk in the wild?

Learning to track and locate elk in the wild is a little bit of a learning curve. But with the right practice and perhaps some help from our guided hunting experts, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Elk Hunting Techniques - West Canyon Ranch

Know their habitat

Elk live in the mountains, varying their locations according to the seasons. In the summer, they live high in the mountains where it is nice and cool. During the winter, they move down to lower-elevation slopes with less snowfall. Elk tend to prefer aspen forests for cover and foraging opportunities. To find elk, look for sunny clearings of timber. Elk are relatively easy to spot amongst the trees and mountains. Look for visible signs of elk, such as tracks, scat, rubbing, or wallows. Listen for any bugling. You’ll often see them in the morning or evening because that’s when they tend to be on the move.

Mark the wind

Elk don’t have the best eyesight, but their sense of smell is incredible. They use the wind to determine when to move, when danger is near, and what paths they use. Elk move during different times of the day based on the direction the wind is blowing. To stay on top of the elk and to avoid detection, check the wind and keep it in your favor. Elk will travel into the wind so they can sense the danger before it comes to them. Whatever you do, learn to stay downwind so your scent isn’t carried to the elk.

Take the Shot

Once you finally catch up with the elk, they may be in an area with heavy cover. While waiting for the perfect shot is tempting, you’ll risk being discovered if you wait too long. This is when it’s critical to have a powerful rifle with an excellent scope. Avoid trying to stalk closer because you might lose sight of the elk, or they may detect you. Take your shot immediately and watch your hard work pay off.

How can I effectively call and attract elk during a hunt?

Calling elk is a fine art that takes much practice. The goal of elk calling is to intercept a bull on the way to his herd, mimic a cow’s call, or draw a bull off his herd. First, you’ll need to purchase an elk call. Several choices are on the market, but the most popular are diaphragm and open reed calls. With each call, you can learn how to mimic the sounds of bulls and cows accurately. There are many online resources, such as YouTube, to help perfect different types of calls. You’ll find that everyone has the techniques to achieve the perfect call.

Techniques of Hunting Elk - West Canyon Ranch

Experience the hunt of a lifetime at West Canyon Ranch

Whether you’re new or experienced at elk hunting, West Canyon Ranch welcomes you to the world of guided hunting. Our guaranteed elk hunts offer an unparalleled hunting experience. We’ll take you through over 4,000 acres of grasslands and forests, helping you get the perfect shot at the bull you’ve always wanted. Throughout your hunting experience, our hunting ranch provides first-class accommodations like authentic Western log cabins, chef-prepared meals, soaking tubs, and much more. For the best in Utah elk hunting, contact the guides at West Canyon Ranch today.